Kinsale Good Food Circle was delighted to be called on to judge the most recent competition The Apprentice Chef qualifier in the Culinary Department at Kinsale Community School.  Liam Edwards, Chairperson, and Naomi Cullen from  the Blue Haven both attended, and were faced with a big challenge to pick the winners, such was the calibre of the competition!

It was a Spanish day with the two qualifiers both from that country, and both with desserts.

Trerasa Beltran Tejedor cooked a traditional Irish apple tart with homemade vanilla custard sauce ,while Paula Vallejo cooked a raspberry panacotta . Everyone had great fun in attempting to produce a winning dish and the competition was a resounding success. Both winners were delighted and very surprised. The other students all worked very hard in a lovely supportive atmosphere. All the students except one were new to home economics, and had taken up culinary arts only this year!

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Kinsale Good Food Circle Judges


Kinsale Good Food Circle Judges Liam and Naomi with students Trerasa Beltran Tejedor and Paula Vallejo





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